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COVID - 19 Safety Measures

Providing a safe, sanitized environment is my number one goal at Soulful Energy. I have ensured the following safety and sanitary measures to provide an enjoyable, relaxing experience:


  • Please text my number when you arrive in parking lot. I will be right out to welcome you.

  • I will take your temperature prior to entering.

  • Anyone with a temperature above 99.9 degrees will have to reschedule or will be sent home until their temperature returns to normal.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided in multiple locations and there will be anti bacterial soap at all sinks for your use.

  • I have a HEPA air purifying system in my room.

  • I wear a mask at all times and a shield during close contact.

  • I allow 30 minutes in between services to sanitize all areas.

  • My space only consists of myself and client at that time. 

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