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Each of my facials is a mind and body experience.  I will guide you with some breathing techniques, guided meditation to help you ground out your day, release and quiet your mind. You will choose doTERRA's pure essential oils to suit you specific needs and bring you back to center and balance.


I also provide energy healings and reiki; please visit the Energy Work section of my website learn more.

Customized Facial – (60 minutes*) Customized to skin needs to balance and create smooth, radiant skin. Deep cleansing with physical exfoliation. This also includes extractions and custom mask  $100

Anti-Aging Facial – (75 minutes) Topical exfoliation of choice with multi-vitamin power masque to help even and brighten skin to bring back that natural glow and hydration  $125

Paprika Facial – (75 minutes*) Deep cleanse with physical and topical exfoliation and application of paprika that’s packed full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C  $135

Reiki Facial – (75 minutes*) A gentle cleansing facial with exfoliation using holistic products helping to release anxiety, depression, mental chatter and leaving you feeling centered, balanced and rejuvenated. $150

Teen Relaxation Facial – (60 minutes*) By using breathing techniques with essential oils learn the peaceful place within. Breathe through any challenges and see them dissipate into extraordinary places. Quiet you inner sanctuary and release into a mind – body balance. Will customize to needs of acne or skin type to help hydrate and clear  $100

Men’s Facial – (60 minutes*) Relax and unwind. Customized to your skins needs  $100

Mini Facial – (30 minutes*) Cleanse, exfoliation, mask with hot towel removal. This also includes arm, hand, neck and shoulder massage  $50

Facial Enhancements:

Foot treatment  -    $20

Scalp treatment  -  $20

Lip conditioning -  $15

Hand Paraffin  -    $15

Spa Parties

Bridal Party…Teen Party…Ladies Time Out…Mom’s Night Out!

Call it what you want! Bring Your Soulful Energy to your home! I will set up a room with a massage table, heated blanket and soothing music for a relaxing escape, while others relax and catch up, One person at a time will receive a facial escape.

​*There is a $50 traveling fee for this accommodation.

30 min - $45

45 min - $75

60 min - $100

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