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Model's Lower Face


Each of my facials is a mind and body experience.  I will guide you with some breathing techniques, guided meditation to help you ground out your day, release and quiet your mind. You will choose Doterra's pure essential oils to your specific needs to bring you back to center and balance.  Please know that reiki is also a wonderful add on to enhance the whole experience. Visit the Energy Work section of my website.



Please allow for up to three weeks of growth before waxing. You must disclose any medications or tanning that was done within the last 7-10 days of your appointment. Please inform me if you are diabetic, use Retin-A, glycolic, Accutane or any prescription medicine for your safety and skin sensitivities.

Reiki Treatment


I clear out negative energy that you personally are ready to release that is in your space that hinders you from being your authentic self, feeling secure and safe within our bodies, and brings about clarity and peace within.

An energy healing is a removal of energy that is negative or no longer serves us. We have an aura all around us, energy centers from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet and more. By releasing energy that is not ours allows us to have room to be ourselves, feel secure and comfortable in our skin with much relief and rejuvenation.

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