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"My relaxation guru. Chrissy combines meditation, massage and other therapies to create an environment perfect for tranquility. Let her welcoming energy, kind attitude and knowledge be your resource for your calm. 

Your eyebrows will thank you! Chrissy reshaped my eyebrows after years of too much plucking. She is the only one I trust with waxing and treats my sensitive skin with care and knowledge."

Danielle Griffin

"Chrissy provides an awesome service. I had rotator cuff surgery and was in extreme pain. Chrissy helped to relieve my pain and discomfort with her energy work and massage. I felt amazing and would definitely recommend her services. The added bonus was the convenience of her coming right to my home. Chrissy is the BEST!"

Michael Hennessey

"Chrissy gave me a facial/massage yesterday that was truly heavenly. She is a gifted and sensitive person. I cannot express how wonderful I felt during and after and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I don't live 'here'---in the Philadelphia area--but if I did, I would give myself a treatment with Chrissy at least once a month and preferably more than that. If you want to give yourself something very special (or want to give it to a friend), I cannot think of something more soothing and invigorating and special, all at the same time!"

Michaele-Sue Goldblatt

“I had a facial with Chrissy when I was almost 9 months pregnant, and she was very attuned to my needs and comfort. The experience was calming, totally relaxing, and I loved it! I would recommend Chrissy anyone!”

Heather Truitt

"Chrissy integrates her knowledge and services of health and aesthetics with her own personal practices of holisitic healing, energy work, homeopathy and meditation, making you feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful in every way. She deeply cares for her clients as people and evaluates exactly what would work best for them as unique individuals while making efforts to work around different schedules. I could not be happier with her advice and work on my eyebrows and skin. Chrissy is absolutely amazing and I would suggest her to anyone looking for an extremely talented and caring esthetician!!"

Christine Lombardo

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